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Our main man with the plan! What plan? God's plan! He's the funny protagonist who wants to show people that it's perfectly cool to be down with the love and light of Jesus Christ! Sometimes life throws him a curveball, but Doobl finds his answers in the only right place to look: Prayer!


Don't let looks deceive! Skant may be scary, but he's really a nice guy at heart! Doobl's best friend in the whole world, a good prayer buddy and always there to lighten the mood. You can't always judge a book by its cover!


What could be cooler than a rhyming fish? How about a rhyming fish with legs? He's ready to represent for Jesus, and that word is bond! Yo!


He might not be that smart, but it takes all kinds to populate God's green earth! And he's always helpful, always ready to be a good Samaritan! Who knows what he'll be doing next?


Sitting in a chair isn't a good idea, no sir! Mox shows kids that sports are the way to go, and she takes everything in life to the MAX! X-treme witnessing is her favorite!


Nobody knows what kind of creature Bugu is, but we do know one thing: He's a Jew! Diversity is what God's plan is all about, and Bugu might not be saved, but he's still one heck of a good guy!


Oh no! It's a scary snake! Just kidding! Humi is about as scary as a big bowl of sunshine! Sometimes he gets mad, but with the help of Doobl and pals, he learns to keep his temper!


Humi's best friend is scared a lot! Everything scares him. But he finds out soon enough that with Jesus on your side, there's nothing to be scared of!


What do you get when you cross a turtle and a bull? I don't know, but it sure might look like Scue! He's off the wall, off the hook, and on the righteous path! If you need some crazy jokes, Scue to the Res-Scue!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jess Hanley lives in Dallas, TX. He's a youth minister for Farmer's Branch Fellowship of Christ, a non-denominational church. Known to the youth group as the hip, happenin' minister who always has a song or a joke, he likes to read the bible, paint and play rockin' electric guitar! Doobl is his way of getting the word of God out to the kids on the internet. With so much porn and temptation on the information superhighway, isn't it time for a webpage that makes kids laugh... AND encourages them to stay on the straight and narrow?

Jess is always available for questions!

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